How to Buy Back Chairs?

July 09,2022

  1. The inclination of the armchair


Although the impression of the back chair seems to be that the cushion is at a 90-degree angle to the back most of them are slightly backward, and the whole person sits on the chair safely. The armchair with more leisure performance has a higher inclination, and people sit on it as if they were lying on a chair.


back chair


  1. Height of armchair


For those who like to sit upright, in addition to the stool without an armrest and backrest, they can also choose the chair with a low armrest and low backrest. At this time, the center of gravity of the seated person will be at the waist; If you like to place your weight on your back and therefore rely on your back, you might as well choose a back chair with a higher back. At this time, you can also see whether the height of the back is near your neck. Sometimes the height of the chair's back is near the neck, which makes the user habitually put the neck on the back at an angle of 90 degrees, which is easy to cause neck injury.


  1. Stability of armchair


Pay attention to the treatment of the chair in the structural details to know the stability of the chair. In particular, the single chair, which is mainly supported by the chair feet, should pay more attention to the structural problems, such as the joint inspection of cards, screws, and so on. It is recommended that users try to sit down in person and shake their bodies slightly to experience the stability of the chair.


  1. Size of armchair


There are many different sizes of back chairs, some of which are 40cm high, the cushion is 40cm long, 42cm wide and 42.52cm high, and the underframe of back chairs is 52cm wide; Some armchairs are 44*39*91 (length * width * height).


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