How to Choose a Folding Sofa Bed?

September 21,2022

Generally, we buy sofa and bed separately, but now sofa bed is very popular, and folding sofa bed saves space. What should we pay attention to when purchasing a folding sofa bed?


folding sofa bed


Suitable size


The folding sofa bed should not only sit but also lie, so the size must be appropriate. Generally, the height of the seat surface is between 35-42cm, the depth of the seat is between 48-55cm, the inclination of the backrest should be between 100-108 degrees, and the height of the armrests should be between 62-65cm. This is in line with the ergonomics principle, otherwise, it is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles, and it is easy to cause body soreness if used for a long time.


Strong frame


The frame of the folding sofa bed is generally made of hardwood or metal brackets. When selecting, you can shake the whole sofa back and forth, left and right, repeatedly with both hands to feel the firmness of the frame. If you can, you can take a closer look at the cloth under the seat. It is made of smooth and clean hard miscellaneous wood without decay, moth ate, scar, bark, or wood wool. The joint between the materials is not nailed, but occluded with mortise or notch, Use glue to stick it firmly. This is a good folding sofa.


High-quality fabric


When purchasing a leather folding sofa bed, the leather surface should be rich and shiny, without scars, and the texture should be fine. Hold a place with the tip of your finger and pull it up. It should feel flexible and powerful. After sitting, wrinkles can disappear or not be obvious after trimming. This kind of leather is superior.


When selecting the fabric folding sofa bed, carefully observe whether the fabric is fine, smooth, without jumping wire, and thick and wear-resistant. The sofa bed with detachable bed covers is convenient for cleaning. It can also be replaced with new bed covers to increase the sense of change in the room.


Sponge and elasticity


High-grade sofa cushions and back cushions shall be made of high elasticity foam sponges with a density of more than 30 kg / m3 and 25 kg / m3 respectively. To improve the comfort of sitting and sleeping, some foam has been soft-treated on the premise of ensuring that the density is not reduced. Some have vertical springs in the cushion so that the sofa has higher resilience and anti-aging performance. In general, the sofa cushion with a depression of about 10 cm is the best after the human body sits down.


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