How to Remove Mites on the Cloth Sofa?

November 07,2022

There are mites on the cloth sofa that need to be removed in time. Otherwise, it is very likely to have a certain impact on human skin. And it is also very unsanitary to use. 


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How to remove mites on the cloth sofa?


  • If it is a fabric sofa, you need to remove the sofa cover for cleaning. And it needs to be soaked in 100 ℃ hot water. High-temperature hot water can not only kill mites but also kill allergens related to dust mites.


  • You can also spray acarid on the sofa. This can well kill the mites on the sofa, and then use a rag to clean the sofa.


  • The sofa can be dried in the sun. It is better to kill the mites on the sofa by exposing them to the sun, which can have a certain bactericidal effect. Or you can often open the doors and windows for ventilation, and keep the indoor ventilation state to avoid mites on the sofa.


How to prevent mites on the cloth sofa?


  • Try to reduce indoor dust. The ventilation between rooms with different temperatures can be reduced, so that the phenomenon of indoor dust can be improved.


  • Usually, you need to open the doors and windows of your home for ventilation when the weather is sunny, so that the indoor moisture can be dispersed, and mites are not easy to grow on the sofa.


  • The sofa cover needs to be cleaned regularly. And it is better to soak at a high temperature, and then use a special sterilizing cleaning agent for cleaning, so the cleaning effect will be better.