What Materials Are Available for Leather Sofas?

August 19,2022

The sofa is an important piece of furniture, occupying the center of the living room. Nowadays, many families choose leather sofas. So what are the materials of leather sofas?


Common leather sofas are made of the following materials:


leather sofas


Full green leather


The full green leather part of the surface after a light sanding treatment to smooth out the trauma, leaving only a faint trace. But does not affect the quality of leather. The pores are fine, and the feel is delicate and lustrous. Its texture is soft and comfortable, breathable, and is a fine product in leather. According to a different process, it is made into different types of leather: such as all-green brushed leather, all-green oil leather, all-green rubbed leather, and saddle leather, etc.


Raw green leather


The raw green leather is selected from the special leather. It is generally large in width, high in toughness, strong in stretching, good in texture, and less in scars. The requirements are very strict during the processing. Its main characteristics are no grey patching, no dyeing, and few times of leather polishing. Since there must not be too many obvious scars, there are few types of leather that can meet the requirements. Therefore, it is the most precious leather in the world.


Semi-green leather


This kind of leather has almost no defects on the surface and is highly used. However, it has a stiff texture and poor breathability. When touching the surface of the leather, there is a very obvious waxy feeling. Ordinary sofas are selected from this type of material.


The texture and touch are hard. Due to more artificial processing, so the appearance of the feeling that there are not too many defects. But artificial traces are more obvious, slightly less natural, moderate in price.


Embossed leather


Embossed leather refers to cowhide products after the steel pattern plate pressing. It can produce a variety of pattern effects, used very widely. Embossed leather can make a lot of effects, such as two-color, hand-rubbed two-color, oil wax, high gloss, and other effects. Embossed leather is easier to make than semi-bronze leather, and the processing is not very difficult, so the price is also lower.




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