What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Chairs?

October 12,2022

The chair is something we can't do without it every day. It has many materials, and a metal chair is one of them. So, how to maintain metal chairs? What are the advantages and disadvantages of metal chairs? Let's take a closer look!




Advantages of metal chairs


  1. Durable, resistant to atmospheric corrosion, and high strength.


  1. The advantage of the metal dining chair is that it is light in weight and small in itself. It is very convenient and free to move, and it does not take much effort. It is suitable for public places such as some fast food restaurants. However, the life of the metal dining chair is not as long as that of the solid wood dining chair.


  1. Metal furniture is cheaper than solid wood, but with the development of production technology, it can achieve the appearance effect of solid wood.


Disadvantages of metal chairs


  1. Hard and cold texture: the raw materials of metal furniture are iron and this kind of cold-rolled steel sheet. The physical characteristics determine the hard and cold texture of steel furniture, which runs counter to the popular warm texture. Therefore, metal furniture is often rejected by many people because of its texture.


  1. The noise is loud and the color is single: due to the natural factors of materials, metal furniture will produce a sound that people do not like very much. In terms of color, metal furniture initially only has a single color.


Maintenance of the metal chair


  1. Clean dust removal: use pure cotton knitwear as the duster cloth to wipe the surface of the metal chair, and use a soft wool brush to remove dust from the recesses and embossed decorations on the chair.


  1. Keep away from acid and alkali: corrosive acid and alkali are the "number one killer" of metal chairs. If the metal chairs are accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), and alkali (such as alkali A, soapy water, or soda water), immediately wash the dirt with clean water and then dry it with a dry cotton cloth.
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